Projects developments
Our experienced professionals are developing your new sports equipments products and offer customized solutions according to your needs and budget.
These newly developed products are then tested in laboratories as well as on live sites in order to provide you with custom secured and the best quality sports equipments products.
100% french made products
A modern and highly productive production unit featuring modern and productive tooling such as (robots, numerically controlled machines, surface treatments cabin, carpentry, hardware, etc ...).
Thanks to all these equipments, Nouansport is able to produce very high quality sports equipments products and parts. Our entire line of products is engineered and produced on site in NOUANS LES FONTAINES - France, in close relation with our projects development unit team.
Technical teams
Our technical teams are here to setup and install your equipment in your sports centers, gymnastics centers, gyms, competition areas, soccer fields, multisports centers etc ...
Four "two men teams" are here to install your equipments and provide you with the best service. Our employees are real professionals some of them with over 20 years of experience within our company in setting up and assembling sports equipments units and centers...
Sales department
Our sales representative are available and always listening in order to best answer your requests and needs.
Two sales assistants are here to answer your questions and free quotes requests. They are in direct contact with our field sales representatives in order to be able to answer accurately and precisely to your sports equipments requests.
Nouansport's sales team covers France and all its departments. In order to contact a sales representative close to your area, please click the map below.
Nouansport, a company at your service
Philippe Bourdin Owner
Nouansport has been manufacturing and producing sports equipments for over forty years. Thanks to its experience in the sports industry we are able to provide you with the best products and services to equip your gyms or sports centers. Nouansport handles over 100 sports development complexes each year.
Always close to its clients with our national sales force and this new website which was developed for our existing and future cutomers, in order for you to get the information you need either right here on the site, speaking to one of our sales representative in your region, one of our sales assistant, or our one of our development team technician...
Thanks to our global presence in France, we will be able to provide you with experienced advise, assist you in the different steps, and closely follow up with you the evolution of your sports equipments projects.
With local building teams, a competent and professional company certified « Qualisport », for over 25 years, we can handle the realization of your projects on site.
Because, our company Nouansport, is a 50 employees company working hard and doing its utmost to provide you with the best service and products.
Testimonials What our customers say about us ...
Our clients testimonials speak for themselves ...
Service Architecture Conseil général du PAS DE CALAIS
" ...The work was done on time and to my complete satisfaction ..."
Responsable de projet université de Marne la vallée
" ...Excellent relationship, quality services ..."
Mr Jean CLUZE - Architecte
" ... A reliable and qualified company ..."
Base aérienne 702
" ... Very good service, quality and deadline oriented ..."