Our activities : Conception, manufacturing and installation of sports equipments
NOUANSPORT is a company of 52 employees, manufacturing sports equipments since 1965. Based in NOUANS les FONTAINES, Indre et Loire - France on a 2 hectares property. Our production unit makes Nouansport a fully independant company able to produce sports equipments from their development to the actual manufacturing process. Our production facility includes:
    Atelier de débit
  • A numerically controlled saw Sabi
  • Semi automatic saw Kalten Bach
  • Semi automatic saw Thomas
  • A shear
    Tooling workshop
  • Numerically controlled drill Véga
  • Three drilling lathes
  • Two parallel towers
  • A universal head drilling machine
    Surfaces treatments
  • Une cabine de grenaillage
  • A polyester powder painting room
  • A 50m3 baking oven
    And much more ...
  • Carpentery workshop
  • Sodding worksjop
  • Knots and bolts workshop
  • Atelier de montage et emballage
  • Logistic office
  • DAO equipped development office
Our facilities
  • A 2 Hectares site

  • 7000m² covered areas
  • * 3180 m² for the metallic production facility
  • * 900 m² for the wooden production facility
  • * 1600 m² stocking room
  • * 320 m² offices
Some of our productions...
Auxerre ASPTT
Production and installation of fully equipped sports ceenter for the city of Auxerre. The complex includes omnisports fields (hand ball, volley ball, tennis), dance room, fighting sports with dojos, etc ...
ASPTT Auxerre
Salle Omnisport ASPTT Auxerre
Gradins Salle Omnisport ASPTT Auxerre
Salle de musculation et sports de combats ASPTT Auxerre
Gymnastics Centers
Since its creation in 1965, Nouansport has equipped over 2000 gymnastics centers in France... Our experienced and professional teams are here to help you with your gym's development projects.
Parcours Baby Gym , Ville de Tours
Gymnase spécialisé du Club de Vierzon
Gymnase spécialisé Université de Marne la Vallée
Plateau de la coupe du monde de Levallois